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My Evil Stepson System

My Evil Stepson System

My Evil Stepson System

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5 months ago

Kevin Lannister was offered the chance to reincarnate by the goddess of Happiness for unknown reasons.

He finally got to live a life of luxury in his new life but something totally unexpected occurred.

His mother was kidnapped and his father fell into a coma.

Now, it’s been three years and a twenty year old Kevin wanted to visit his dad in the hospital but a cannibal suddenly appears before him, killing him before he could see his dad.

Was his life finally going to end without even finding out if his mother was still alive or not?

But before he could release his last breath, a system notification sounded in his mind.

[I am called Evil Stepson System. The goddess created and named me and my only purpose is to help you in seeking revenge, In other words, I’m here to make you the ultimate bad guy,]

[But I didn’t expect to see a weak human. Aside from your physique, your strength and agility are average and not fitting of someone called my host,]

“Parasite,” Kevin mutters. He has had enough of the system’s rudeness.

It might have evil in its name but that doesn’t mean the system should act so rude to him.

[Huh?] The system was shocked.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” An evil grin appeared on his face. Finally, the system was flabbergasted this time around.

“You dwell in my head and you call me your host,”

“ This means you need me to survive and that makes you a parasite cause I ain’t your damn Uber,”

“You know what? I’m going to call you parasite as from now on,”

[You wouldn’t dare,]

“ I just did and I would again, a thousand times,”

[Why you little!!]

[Fine you win. What do I have to do to make you stop calling me that?]

“Hmm, If you help me accomplish my mission of ending every single one of those who captured my mother. Maybe then, I’ll acknowledge the fact that you aren’t a parasite,”

[Then I’ll definitely help you succeed,]

[As a matter of fact, your first mission is ready. Would you like to see it?]


[First Mission: Pop your cherry,]

Kevin smirks and says. “You know what parasite, I think I’m beginning to like you,”

[ too,]

“ You say what?”


Join Kevin as he tries to right the wrong of his previous world by making his family (especially mom) happy again.